Strategy Features

Trading Logic

RayBOT Trades price swings between Support/Resistances. Positive risk reward with win rate of above 57%. RayBOT cuts losses early and lets winners run.

Automatic Optimization

Optimization parameters updated automatically by EA from the server. Critical parameter optimization and testing done on monthly basis by our R&D.


Potential to gain about 5% to 10% per month using recommended risk. CAGR of over 60% with Max DD less than 20%. Trading multiple currency pairs ensures steady gain in equity.


Max drawdown seen in backtests is less than 25% (<800 pips) over 9 years. With automatic optimization feature, drawdowns will be much lower and shorter.

Trade Management

Professionally designed to cut losses early and allow good trades run to maximize gains. Non Grid/Non Martingale system. NFA/FIFO compatible.

Strategy Tests

High quality tickData strategy tests from 2007-2015. Robustness tested using different pairs proving RayBOT can handle any kind of price action.

Live Performance Analysis

RayBOT Cumulative Pip Gains

Official Reference Accounts

RayBOT EA reference account by

Broker : IC Markets ECN
EURUSD Spread ~0.2 pip || AUDUSD Spread ~0.4 pip || USDCAD Spread ~0.8 pip
[Low Spreads + Commission]
Start Date : 1st February 2016

RayBOT EA Monthly Pip Gain Charts (2016 to 2018)

RayBOT 2018 Monthly Pip Gains

RayBOT 2017 Monthly Pip Gains

RayBOT 2016 Monthly Pip Gains

RayBOT Strengths

Unlike most EA's, RayBOT does not use fixed/inbuilt strategy/parameters to handle various price actions. RayBOT is based on the concept that markets can never be beaten and it is only possible to remain profitable by continuous adaptation to the changing price action.

One of the key reasons for RayBOT being successful has been the auto-optimization feature built into the EA. RayBOT strategy is based on trading the gaps between support and resistance levels - the trades are either break outs or reversals at these levels. Since this is a lower time frame EA trading on M15 charts, it would be impossible to make consistent gains using static parameters and traditional methods of calculating the support/resistance levels. To overcome this, Phibase team conducts regular optimization of various internal parameters and strategies based on longer term technical charts. These optimized parameters are being uploaded to our server and delivered to the EA automatically. In past 33 months, we have applied parameter changes nine times which has ensured quicker recoveries and lower drawdown levels. By regular optimization, in addition to trading well diversified pairs, the EA has been able to gain consistently and handle various price action changes successfully.

RayBOT has proven in live trading the advantages of trading over a set of well diversified, non-correlated forex pairs. EURUSD and AUDUSD have been performing well over past 16 months. USDCAD has been in a drawdown in-spite of parameter optimization in 2018. RayBOT has managed to net gains in-spite of underperformance seen on USDCAD - This pair had been gaining when EURUSD and AUDUSD were in drawdown in 2017. As portfolio the combination of trading pairs used by RayBOT has proven to provide excellent diversification to reduce the risk of drawdown depth and period.

Symbol Chart

Trading Strategy Explained

RayBOT has an advanced trading logic that trades swings near support/resitance levels. A highly dynamic trade management module takes over once a trade is triggered. RayBOT immediately calculates the ideal stoploss level/target price and sets them on the broker side for protecting the trades. The trade is managed using hidden stoploss and targets. RayBOT uses broker side trailing stoploss in case it finds the volatality to be higher than normal. Average stoploss size of just 35 pips. The stoploss level is determined based on current volatality level and is usually limited to 65 pips. Extereme volatality (like periods seen during financial melt down) is handled by setting stoploss at a maximum of 200 pips. Winning trades are allowed to run to the full potential. Trades are usually closed when trend loses strength or at first sign of reversal. The system relies on a positive risk:reward with a success rate above 50%.

You can watch the trading video to see how the EA trades.

Watch strategies in action

RayBOT support/resitance trading strategy

Strategy Test Reports

Unlike CabEX or INDEX strategies, RayBOT does not use fixed/inbuilt strategy/parameters to handle various price actions - this makes it unsuitable for testing over longer periods. CabEX/INDEX are very strong robust strategies which are designed to be able to accommodate a wide range of price actions. They operate on higher time frames and have more latitude in trade entries due to the wider stoploss levels. RayBOT is based on the concept that markets can never be beaten and it is only possible to remain profitable by continuous adaptation to the changing price action. Strategy tests conducted using the current optimization parameters are provided below for the past three years. Please note that the parameters are optimized for current price action which will be changed in future to adjust for the changes in volatility and long term price action trends.

EURUSD 2016 to 2018 : Fixed Lots


AUDUSD 2016 to 2018 : Fixed Lots


USDCAD 2016 to 2018 : Fixed Lots